Thursday, July 24, 2014

Costa Rica FIFA World Cup Coach Quits

Costa Rica coach Jorge Luis Pinto has decided to quit due to differences with the soccer federation.
Coach Pinto Costa Rica
''I realised I would not be able to count on conditions to carry out my work,''  Pinto said on his personal website overnight.
Pinto's contract ended after the World Cup. He said that it was not possible possible to reach and agreement. 
''I ask myself, 'What use are the victories obtained in Brazil?''.
Eduardo Lee, the federation president, confirmed that the two parties had reach an agreement.
Costa Rica had their most successful ever World Cup in Brazil, reaching the last eight for the first time before going out on penalties to the Netherlands earlier this month.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

FIFA Bans Nigeria Due to Government Interference

FIFA has suspended Nigeria from any international competition after allegations of government interference in its football federation. Nigerian teams and officials,  including club sides, are now barred from international matches and meetings.
Nigeria FA

The decision was made after a court order made the Nigerian Minister of Sports to appoint a senior member of the civil service to take over the running of the Nigeria FA.

"The suspension will be lifted once the court actions have been withdrawn and the properly elected NFF Executive Committee, the NFF general assembly and the NFF administration are able to work without any interference in their affairs,"

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Germany vs Brazil Results and Highlights FIFA World Cup 2014

Germany is now a step closer to fulfill EA Sports prophecy as day 26 of the 2014 World Cup saw eight goals and one record-breaking finish from one of the tournament’s most prolific goalscorers. 

Thomas Muller gives Germany a 1-0 lead.
Germany Brazil 1-0

Germany gets a 2-0 lead over the Brazilians.
Germany Brazil World Cup Highlights

Toni Kroos gives Germany a 3-0 lead.
Germany Brazil World Cup Highlights

Toni Kroos gives Germany a 4-0 lead.
Germany Brazil World Cup Highlights

Sami Khedira gives Germany a 5-0 lead. 
Germany Brazil World Cup Highlights

Andre Schurrle gives Germany a 6-0 lead.
Germany Brazil World Cup Highlights

 Andre Schurrle completes the embarrassment of Brazil and gives Germany a 7-0 lead.

 Oscar pulls one back fro Brazil to make it 7-1 but proves to be too little too late for the host nation.
Germany Brazil World Cup Highlights


Brazil Germany FIFA World Cup 2014 Semifinals

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

FECAFOOT To Investigate Match-Fixing Allegations


Cameroon’s football federation(FECAFOOT) said it will investigate allegations of match-fixing by its own team at the FIFA World Cup in Brasil and the possible existence of “seven bad apples” in the squad.

The football federation said in a statement late Monday it had instructed its own ethics committee to open an investigation that will probe allegations of fraud in Cameroon’s three Group A matches (losing all three of its group-stage matches at the World Cup: 1-0 to Mexico, 4-0 to Croatia and 4-1 to host Brazil.)

“Recent allegations of fraud around Cameroon’s three 2014 FIFA World Cup preliminary games, especially Cameroon vs. Croatia, as well as the `existence of seven bad apples (in our national team)’ do not reflect the values and principles promotes by our administration in line with the FIFA Code of Conduct and the ethics of our nation,” Fecafoot said in the statement.

“We wish to inform the general public that, though not contacted by FIFA in regards to this affair, our administration has already instructed its ethics committee to further investigate these accusations.”

It was a bad nightmare for Cameroon after conceding nine goals and scoring just one in its three games.

Friday, June 27, 2014

2014 World Cup Round of 16 Format Explained

FIFA World Cup 2014 Knockout Stage Chart

The stage is set for the 2014 World Cup Round of 16.

Here's the format on how the stage will take place.

There are eight groups of four teams each in the group stage. Each team gets three points for a win or one point for a draw. Whichever team teams end up in the top two slots of the group based on points advances to the Round of 16.
The winner of each group plays the runner-up of another group. For instance, Brazil, the winner of Group A, will face Chile, the runner-up in Group B, in the Round of 16.
The games are staggered so they’re not all on the same day. The Round of 16 opens on June 28. There will be two games each day through July 1.
After the Round of 16, there will be eight teams left in what will then be the quarterfinals. The winners of those games advance to the semifinals, and those winners advance to the final. There will also be a game between the two losing semifinal teams to see who gets in third place. 
The rules for the Round of 16 and the rest of the knockout stage are not so different from the group stage, except that there is not a possibility for a draw. 
Instead, if the match is even at the end of 90 minutes, then extra time of two periods of 15 minutes each will be played. 
If the score is still even at that point, the match will proceed to a penalty shootout.
This same method will be used to determine winners throughout the knockout stage. 
In the penalty kick phase, a coin toss is held to determine which team kicks first. The referee chooses the goal at which the kicks are taken. All kicks are taken at one goal. All players other than the kicker and goalkeeper must remain in the pitch’s center circle. 
Every penalty kick is taken from the penalty mark, which is 12 yards out from the goalmouth. The goalkeeper must remain between the goal-posts on the goal-line until the ball is kicked. If the goalkeeper blocks the ball then the kicker does not get an opportunity to score on a rebound. 
The teams alternate kicks until five have been taken by each team. Whichever team has scored more goals wins. If it comes to a point where one team is up so much that it would be impossible for the other team to match the goals, then the shout out ends.  
If the five kicks each still yields a draw, then the shoot-out proceeds to sudden death rounds of one kick each until one side scores and the other does not. -